The Pine River

The Pine River is quick, tight and loaded with white water and is one of Michigan’s fastest flowing rivers and is not for the novice paddler. If you are an adventure paddler looking for a challenge, visit the lower stretches of the Pine after a significant rainfall and enjoy the white water rapids.

This entire river is considered to be for experienced paddlers only. Current is especially swift in the spring after the winter thaw, or after a major rain event.

Because this river is very busy in the summer, you must reserve your vessel in enough time as quantities and permits are limited. They can be reserved at the Sportsman’s Port in person or by calling and email. Keep in mind, river passes are limited, so if you are traveling from a distance, be sure to reserve your spot on the river! The Sportsman’s Port can work with you to get you on the best part of the river that suits your needs. Just give us a call at (231)862-3571